We are glad you found us!! We are on a life changing path of following the teachings of Jesus.  We believe that Jesus teaches to love others in the same way that He loves us. We are meant to serve one another. If we see someone in need, regardless of their station in life, we are supposed to step forward and help them. We prayerfully consider each step we take in our journey. We hope that you will continue to follow us on our journey and join us in serving others.


Second Chance Jobs Wanted

How many of us can say we never made a mistake? Sometimes your mistake causes you to owe society a debt. Once you pay that debt, should you have to keep paying for the rest of your life? Many of our friends have criminal backgrounds and they find it difficult to find a job. Are you willing to give someone a second chance? Will you reach out to someone and give them a hand up?

The Matthew 25:40 project is seeking employers who are willing to see someone as they are today and not who they used to be. We work with our friends to help them understand how to be a good employee. We encourage them to move away from their past and to look towards the future. Without finding friendly employers some of our friends will become discouraged and at risk to repeat old behaviors. 

Are you willing to take a chance on someone who is trying to turn their life around? If you are or know an employer who is willing to be a second chance employer please contact us.